Heritage Incentives 

India, Thailand and Indonesia are rich in heritage. We create incentive events that will make you feel part of that heritage all those years ago. 


We take for example Elephant Polo in Jaipur, do as the royals do and a match is created on palace grounds for you and your group. To celebrate victory we enjoy a dress up and role play of kings and queens of a Rajasthan theme dinner and dance coupled with traditional music, food and ambience. 


Or we could go back into time to the Bridge over River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Thailand, ride our bicycles and along the bridge and take in the history of how the Dutch and American prisoners built this bridge and was used for bombing raids. 


Later on you enjoy a tastefully designed Thai lunch on the floating restaurant overlooking the river. 

Journey Incentives will transport you through time and bring heaven to you. 


In terms of Destination we offer a few places that are rich in tranquility, there is an option of peace and quiet or simply just having a blast and partying or  being the adventures lot to climb rocks. 


Our Preferred Destinations are : 

In India we focus on Rajasthan in the north and Kerala in the south. From the back waters to the rich heritage of the royals we create an event that would be a memory etched in your minds for a long time. 


To actually have a feel of some our events visit our journeys.

Destination Incentives

Treat yourself to a fairy tales wedding on a Catamaran or on an island beach paradise. Be it in Langkawi, Koh Samui or Bali. It's intimate, romantic and affordable.


We offer several wedding packages - on your choice of sailboats, on an island or a simple beach wedding.



Perhaps you want to get married on an island and relax on the beach while our chef prepares a luscious BBQ dinner for you and your guests.

Feel free to contact us so we can design the most suitable and affordable package for you!

Wedding Destination Retreats

We've been specializing in cruise incentives for many years. The advantage is, we own the yachts. We sail all around the beautiful magical islands of Langkawi in Malaysia and Koh Lipe in Southern Thailand. 


Paradise at your fingertips.


We've done many group incentive cruises in Langkawi on board our yachts which later on breaks out into a beach party which you call your own. Yes the entire beach is private for you and your group. 


To know more on our yachts and cruises visit www.tropicalcharters.com.my 


We also operate cruise incentives in Phuket.


Write us for more information. 



Sports Incentives

Sailing, Mountain climbing, diving and many more. Just tell us what you like and we can come up with a special event just made for you and your group. 

Cruise Incentives

City Breakthrough Incentives 

City life is always fun and gives you that adrenaline rush that creates the sense of excitement in you. Bangkok City is a great place to run high geared incentives with its sky scrappers and all. 


We run Heights of Success a program for top sellers in Kuala Lumpur and in Bangkok. 


From a Helicopter ride for an ariel view of the city's twin towers in KL to climbing 272 steps to visit an ancient religious cave. Taking the cable the car to Genting Highlands and back and ending the night with the group enjoying an open dinner with drinks on the 38th of floor with the view of the KL tower.


Everything is on a HIGH.

Beach Incentives 

We also tailor make packages where we create a themed outing of a host of cities...


We can start In Bangkok, go thru Kuala Lumpur and end in Singapore or Jakarta.


The culture, food and people change from city to city, so its always fun to go on one of these escapades.

Build Your Own

If you think you know what is best for your employees we are happy to assist you create your own incentive. Or you can mix and match any of our proposals and voila we will work our magic. Just drop us write us and tell us a little about yourself,


i.e company background, age group and country and we will be happy to create some packages for you. 

Thinking Goa? Or Langkawi or Koh Samui or simply Bali ... we will make it happen. Beach incentives are always fun especially if we plan around a beach retreat, special massages on a private beach and champagne at your service. What more could you ask for? 


Team bonding activities are something that we do during beach incentive programs. Such as Kayak treasure hunts or island hopping treasure hunts. Raft Regatta's are pretty popular too. 


However what catches everyone's attention is the Caption's Sailing Experience. Ever hoisted the sails before? It sure looks easy, but is it really?


Write us for more information. 

Multiple City Incentives